Office Visits


It typically takes four steps to complete the prosthesis. For an ocular prosthesis, this is done within a week. Facial prostheses take longer, typically allowing a week between steps. Sometimes a follow up is scheduled within 3 weeks of delivery. We recommend routine maintenance done by a professional every six months.



Consultations are free. For patients who are unsure of their needs, please schedule a consultation.

1. Impression

ocular prosthesis: 30 minutes
facial prosthesis: 1 hour

An impression is taken of the treatment site. This impression will be used to create the shape for a fitting model.

2. Model

ocular prosthesis: 1-1.5 hours
facial prosthesis: one or more appointments, up to 2 hours each

During this step, a model that resembles the shape of the final prosthesis will be fitted for optimal comfort and appearance.

3. Paint

ocular prosthesis: 1-1.5 hours
facial prosthesis: minimum of two appointments, 2 hours each

All of our prostheses are hand painted to match the corresponding side.

4. Delivery

The prosthesis is delivered during the final visit. Some final adjustments may be done during this time. First time patients will be shown how to insert and remove the prosthesis.

5. Post-Delivery Follow Up

Patients who are new to a prosthesis typically schedule a follow up 2-3 weeks after delivery.

6. Polishing/Cleaning

An ocular prosthesis should be professionally cleaned and polished every six months.