Are you curious about prosthetics?

Then you've come to the right place. I am a board certified anaplastologist and ocularist who want to share the art and science of facial prosthetics with anybody and everybody. I want to bring awareness to facial deformities and demystify false preconceptions. Most of us know somebody who's had cancer, but did you know sometimes cancer can lead to the need for a prosthesis? Did you also know a prosthetic eye is not necessarily made from glass and is it not a ball shape, or that a thin one can be fitted over an existing eye? These are the type of questions I can answer.

Index of Articles

I know how difficult it is to find reliable resources on prosthetic eyes, which is why I'm providing them here. I have adapted the index of articles published by the American Society of Ocularists to a searchable format. Just go to the "Learning" category above and click on "Index of Journal Articles." Unfortunately the actual articles are not available for download (copyright and logistics reasons) so you'll still have to find someone in possession of the articles you want. To my best knowledge this list is complete from 1972 to 2010. I am still in the process of completing the index from 2010 to present.


Before I relocated to Las Vegas, I taught an Intro to Mold Making and Body Casting workshop. Starting 2017, I will teach again. All of my courses draw from my experiences of making prostheses but they are multi-level art classes. Course information will be available once the dates are set.