This is an ongoing effort to collect books and journals related to the subject of facial prosthetics. Facial prosthetics is a very specialized subject that is difficult to find in libraries. Even medical libraries at universities rarely contain enough information for research in this area. The type of literature I'm looking for include:

  • General knowledge textbooks from high school to university level, for reference
  • Books that contain specific information pertaining to facial prosthetics
  • Older publications are fine if the information has historical value, if the knowledge has not changed much over the years, or if the subject of the publication is rare.
  • Advanced level books from other disciplines that contain information that can be applied to facial prosthetics


Index of journal articles related to ocularistry:
The book collection can be viewed at The books can be borrowed locally (Sacramento, CA).

How You Can Help

You may contribute to this project in the following ways:

  • donate a book or send me the full text of an article in pdf format
  • suggest a title to be added to the collection
  • make a cash donation to help me purchase books, archival products, and maintain the websites, so that the list remains available to the public
  • suggest ways for me to improve this project

Please send your inquiries and suggestions to or use the form on this page.

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