Intro to Mold Making Class and Upcoming Workshops

My very first workshop, Introduction to Mold Making and Body Casting, was held at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center yesterday. It went as smoothly as it could and I appreciate the students who chose to spend this Labor Day weekend making molds.

There were six students. Although I wish more people had sign up, it turned out to be a good number. A mold making class where people are constantly walking around and handling powdered materials can get messy quickly.

People expressed a lot of interest in the next workshop--a Halloween class in which the students will make a silicone finger while learning silicone painting techniques. It will be designed as a mixed level class where students who want to learn more can come in earlier for an orientation and hands-on activities. Those who just want to make a finger will have a shorter class and work with pre-measured materials.

I received lots of encouragement to teach this mold making class again. The rest of the year is already filling up quickly but I think next January will be a good time to do this again.