Book Collection

I realize it's hard to find books about prosthetics and related subjects. That's why I'm starting a collection of books and journals. Some of these were unwanted books at local university libraries. Others I purchased online after browsing through them at local libraries. All the journals were either specially purchased or acquired at past conferences.

PRL library

The collection can be seen online at As I continue to organize the books, they will be added to this page.

Some of the things I look for are:

  • General knowledge textbooks from high school to university level, for reference
  • Books that contain very specialized information pertaining to facial prosthetics
  • Older publications are fine if the information has historical value or if the knowledge has not changed much over the years
  • Advanced level books from other disciplines that contain information that can be applied to facial prosthetics

Yes, you can borrow the books if you live in the Sacramento area and promise to return them in four weeks. I will not mail them to you so you need to live close enough. Use the form below to inquire about new additions that are not yet on the website.

For more information, see The Library Project.