3D Scanning System for Fitting Facial Prosthetics

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The latest release of the Scope3D facial scanning system benefits anaplastologists directly. According to a Scope3D company representative:

"the benefit of the Scope3D system is two-fold: reduced wait time for patients and faster prosthesis development for the practitioner. The total time from patient scan to mold production is one hour."

This system is available with different hardware and software options ranging $20-$26,000.

When I inquired about a less expensive alternative, the company replied with the following suggestions:

"...you might be able to use a Kinect 3D scanner with FlexScan software to accomplish what you need to do. You can get the Kinect 3D Scanner with color option and a manual turntable and FlexScan software for $6750 including shipping. The Kinect 3D scanner has a variable resolution based on range: 80 microns (at close range) 400 microns at mid to upper range (3-4 feet away)."