In the News: Weesie Pals

Weesie Pals, a line of stuffed animals made for children with ear deformities, were featured in the Fall 2014 IAA (International Anaplastology Association) Newsletter: Click Here to View Article.

Shortly after the article was published, I contacted Erin Wozniak, the creator of Weesie Pals, about selling them online in the PRL store. Prior to this, Erin had been selling them through word of mouth on Facebook. We worked hard to make this available to those who need such cute animal companions, and I think they are adorable for anybody, not just children with ear deformities.

Purchase a Weesie Pal to support the Ear Community and PRL!

McHutchion, Lindsay, Weesie Pals: Stuffed Animals for Children with Microtia and Atresia. Inside the IAA: Newsletter of the International Anaplastology Association. 2014; 15(2): 11-12

Reprint with permission from the IAA.