Prosthesis Party

I'm heading to my home town Chicago for the Fall 2014 ASO meeting. It's the Illinois One!

The Southwest Illinois One plane

The Southwest Illinois One plane

To show our gratitude towards all of my parents' friends who donated to PRL during my start-up fundraising campaign, my mother arranged for a prosthesis party with an abundance of food.

What's a prosthesis party?  I guess it's a party where we gather and talk about prosthesis. I displayed journals, prosthetic eyes, and silicone prostheses for everyone to look and touch. I even gathered a few old presentations and gave them in our living room as guests enjoyed their afternoon snacks.

It was a very educational and palatable experience for everyone, as "afternoon tea" by my mother's standards is really a full-scale buffet enough to feed 20 people for both lunch and dinner. After eating non-stop during this 8-hour party (very typical of Chinese gatherings--eat and talk), I literally slept through the next three days, no kidding!